Niki Minaj’s Anaconda Video – Sex on Sale!

nicki-minaj-postpones-anaconda-release-posts-bikini-picNiki Minaj’s Anaconda video has been released. These are who people promote as role models but are they really?

Truth be told, Artistes make their money by stepping outside of the box and with emerging Artiste coming out every day, the music business has become a “do-or-die” entity, a place where you will have to get butt naked if needs be to stay afloat. Here is where little sweet girls or boys have to drop decency to “wow” the crowd.

Alkaline has tattooed his eyes, Vybz Kartel bleached and tattooed every nook and cranny of his skin, some switch religion…the works, just to be noticed by society. But over the past ten or so years, many have had to get naked and rub skins with those of the opposite sex even to actually “get in” the business. Nevertheless, if you will rub skins with those of the same sex, double honor! Your music will sell like $300.00 body blouse in May Pen.

Its bad to know, however, that these are the people our teens are looking up to and emulate, they are brand ambassadors, they top music charts. These are the people our citizens label as “role models”. I mean, the tattoo artistes had a permanent smiley face when Kartel started the everlasting tattooing because people (95% teenagers) from all walks of life flocked their studios to get their skins to be “pretty like a coloring book”.  

Its high time that parents direct their children and stop being naive. Its time that they invest much more time in their children…a call that has somehow become cliche. Get on the internet, get in the “know”… don’t depend on these so called “role models” to do it for you!

Enough said…and mi done talk! Here is the video and you can be the judge. Yes they do what they do to make money but what are the parents doing to protect the children? Don’t blame the change in dressing and attitude of the teens on the artistes, you know who to blame…let a man examine himself.