Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Gets Body Double for Baby Northie

But a wha sweet Kim Kardashian and Kanye though eeh? I can understand Kim wanting to change her name and stuff but can somebody shed some light on why they have so much insecurities? No sah! I think I need a word with their manager, somebody will have to tell me so I can tell you, who threatened their lives.

According to reports Kim and Kanye spent $800,000 on a body double for North West. A source also told Grazia that  “They also hired a body double nanny, who they hope will really throw the paps off the scent.”…Aye Sah…The popular Jamaican saying states: “Eskimo have money, him buy fridge” meaning when a man has a lot of money he spends it all willy dilly.

I can understand that they want to protect their daughter from paparazzi’s and “bad men”, they even bought a bullet proof vehicle…dwl…Can someone say extremists?

I even researched the richest women in America so far…Kim nor North nuh in the list! So having said all, Kim and Kanye, mi understand your concerns but North haffi go somewhere and someday she will want a “regular life”. A bullet proof car and all the hallo-baloo cannot make baby North any less or more protected and if pictures are taken of the double, what difference does that make? You know what? Why don’t you all just buy an Island for yourselves…that would settle it.

Send some of the money to CDC and WHO as contribution to the mitigation of certain diseases that affect humankind or you could send some to me…ah beg o!


Where Do Africans Get Em’ Skin and Beautiful Teeth

Where Do Africans Get Em' Skin and Beautiful Teeth

Well I am a Nollywood maniac and so far, I clearly have packed up Hollywood for a while (not enough drama… :D), meaning that I haven’t watched a Hollywood movie in days. So far, most Jamaicans can safely say that the market for Nollywood films “well tall” in the country…most Jamaican people have even adopted the o’s and the “ah beg’s”. Africans are really doing good for themselves.

One striking thing in these movies which my mom herself couldn’t help  pointing out, is the flawlessness of the skins. Also, the nicely rowed teeth and curvy shape contribute to the beautiful skin they carry. What I really want to know is “What really is the contributing factor for the teeth, small waist line and flawless skin”? Is it a climate thing? Is it makeup? Is it some herb?

Truth be told, even if all Africans (the ones I see in movies) are not as beautiful, their teeth and skin clearly make up for other missing assets. Africa, answer the call of a concerned Jamaican…let us in on the secret…ah beg o.


Actress & Model Keturah Hamilton Gives Back to Needy Schools in Clarendon and Manchester, Jamaica.

cropped-ket2.jpgKeturah Hamilton Jamaican born US based model in partnership with Safiyya Sarkin, president and founder of Women Beyond Survival (a 501c3 non profit organization) will be embarking on a voluntary mission in Jamaica beginning on August 19-21, 2013. They will be donating much needed school supplies, age appropriate books and stationery to students of the Alexander Basic School, Porus High School and Rest Primary and Junior High School in Clarendon to ease the burden of their parents in this back-to-school period.

Safiyya (Marcia) Sarkin-Women Beyond Survival: As the Executive Director and Founder of WBS. She is known globally as “the Voice of the Voiceless.” She speaks for the rights of those who cannot, due to fear of reprisals. She fights for the rights of others especially the most marginalized, the women and the children.

Keturah Hamilton: Jamaica born model/actress and entrepreneur with a very big heart. She has graced the screen with her beauty in numerous TV shows in the USA like BET’s Rip The Runway, films and music videos with artist such as Beenie Man, Akon, Mary J Blige, Lady Saw, Sean Paul  to name a few..

d_blackJoining in this voluntary mission will be D-Black, Da Ghana Bwouy Multiple Award winning Ghanaina Afrobeats/ Hiphop artist. Mission Catwalk, Season 3’s winner, Theodore Elyett will also be involved in KHF’s and WB’S voluntary work.

Companies that have come aboard and have donated to Keturah Hamilton and WBS in support of the back -to-school project are Juici Patties, Coldfield Manufacturing Limited and Colgate Palmolive.

It is precisely the mission of supporting the growth of education that has made this team go beyond the extreme, and in their efforts with partnering organizations they will also join in aim to build a library called the Keturah Hamilton Library and an orphanage in one of these needy communities. Safiyya /WBS and Keturah/ KHF will be going to Chad in Africa in the near future to do capacity building, treatment and care, for HIV/ Aids in conflict settings.

theodore elyett


Jenny Garcia
MsMedia Public Relations



People Seh Wayne Whyte Should Be Sentenced to Life

Wayne and Jodian

Wayne and Jodian

TV Broadcaster (of Kool 97 FM) Wayne Whyte was sentenced to 29 years in prison but will only be spending 14 years as the sentences were said to run simultaneously. Wayne Whyte’s partner in crime, Safari Farr was also handed a similar sentence. Wayne was found guilty in the gun court on July 8, 2013 on charges of illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition and wounding with intent. Wayne Whyte was the mastermind behind the attack on fellow broadcaster Jody-Ann Gray with whom he was engaged in an extramarital affair. 

It was reported that Jody-Ann was about to enter her house when she was attacked and shot in the face. The shooter then jumped into a waiting car, which was allegedly being driven by Whyte. However, the car was intercepted by a police patrol team with the men aboard.

A third man in the vehicle was used by the State as the key prosecution witness.  Prosecutors had reported that White was engaged in a relationship with  Gray (whom he told he was separated from his wife) and plotted her murder when she became pregnant and refused to do an abortion.

Di man wicked so till…God have mercy! After Wayne was caught by the police, the man started pointing on the shooter trying his best to exclude himself from the crime. Thank God neither Jody-Ann nor the child died. Smile Jamaica sought feedback on facebook regarding their views on Whyte’s charges and three quarter of the respondents believed he should get a stronger punishment.

Well whe yuh think? You tell me. Do you think him is di wickedest thing pon earth or you think he has reasons for his actions? What a Bom Bom