Glenmuir High School Under Fire By Parent After Declaring That Her Child Would Not Be Able To Graduate

Glenmuir High School Under Fire From Parent After Declaring That Her Child Would Not Be Able To Graduate

Shirley Lewis, mother of Leann Ebony Lewis was much displeased this morning as she expressed her disappointment and disapproval of the stance of The Glenmuir High School principal that her child would not be allowed to graduate because Leann had passes in CSEC Math and English which she attained between grades 7 and 9.

According to Shirley, her child, 15-year-old Leann Lewis is the recipient of seven CSEC subjects, copping a grade I in English Language. However, the obviously talented young lady will not be allowed to graduate as a result of school board rules. The rule states that if a student does not sit CSEC Math and English in grade 11 (5th form), that student cannot graduate.

I certainly think this is a very backward step in this very modern world. It obviously seems like this poor child is being deprived the privilege of graduating because of God-given talent identified. So what if status quo has it otherwise but why should we have to subject to it in order to survive in this world? I think the whole point of “educating” is missing from this equation. Shouldn’t the aim of every institution be to educate young people and not let them feel sorry for displaying their giftedness in knowledge?

According to the principal of the school (Monacia Williams), Leann is not being asked to resit the exams, she is just being told she cannot graduate. I think this is rubbish! As for as I see, it seems as if education is a bondage, a requirement for punishment, a shackle. Is that the message we want to send to the trying students in our country’s institutions, to the region, to the world? I am sure that if Leann had sat those subjects in grade 11, CXC would not print it any different or would they border it and put bows around it?

I can imagine how frustrated the parents must feel knowing that their child’s happiness was altered, not because of some criminal activity, but because she passed Math and English…my God! What makes the situation worse is the fact that the Education Minister and president of the JTA (Jamaica Teacher’s Association) are telling the mother they can’t do anything about the situation and that the matter would have to be resolved with the school board. Please, I have seen the government intervene for simpler matters…get the point?

I don’t think this matter should be left hanging, some citizens of theĀ  country are totally disgruntled with the decisions taken by the school and I am sure international viewers will share the sentiments. What I would like to know is what the Child Development and Child Rights Associations have to say on this matter. Children are gems to be nurtured and loved. Let’s for once stop thinking about ourselves and reward them for trying and not only trying but excelling…wake up Jamaica…we can’t be this Backward!

Leann all the best in your May/June CSEC exams this year, Kajue hopes that you will pass all nine of them. God will fight for you my dear.