Tessanne Chin Blasts the Voice with a Stellar Rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”

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Well readers, it’s now down to the wire and trust mi, after last night, my heart was swollen to the peak. Tessanne Chin can sing and this is not an overrated statement. For someone to do a Whitney Houston song and do such justice to it, it’s really worth recognition.

Last night’s performances by the final three contestants Will Chaplin, Jacque Lee and Jamaican powerhouse Tessanne Chin were quite over the top but it was clearly shown that there was no match for Tess-Awesomeness…Chinita Goodaz burst out of the pack. Cupping a first place on the iTunes chart, Tessanne, as coach Blake said, is clearly the winner because we all have eyes to see what happens on iTunes.

Okay people, I am sure you all would agree that Christina Aguilera knows exactly how to ride the last nerve. I am sure, none of her comments about her own contestants are below 15 minutes. She goes on and on and on and on about Jacque Lee being 16 and how she is young and gifted and how much closely they have been knitted since the competition and how they are like sisters and how she is speechless when Jacque sings (even with her commentary afterwards) and how Jacque Lee is the winner already and yadda yadda yadda and some more yaddas and a million more information to last us a lifetime. They both later rendered a performance, which according to major comments, was like two sisters singing in the bathroom above the sound of the shower. NBC, unuh tek some hints…duh, ah beg o!

Will Chaplin did give a good performance but I really thought he could do a lot more with that song (Everything I Do I Do It For You by Bryan Adams). He is indeed a good vocalist but I thought nerves got the best of him last night. He, however did the best he could at this point. Anyways, I thought his first performance was better than the last.

Jacque Lee, oh brother! She really has potential but I think she fell into the wrong hands…honestly. What a battering her voice took. Why on God’s green earth did Christina give Jacque a soulful black woman’s song to sing? Dear Lord, visit if yuh nuh busy! Poor Jacque, every time the high notes came, she busted out into the most honorable pickachu. Honestly, I couldn’t even hear a word in the songs she sung. Then the theatrics of her falling on her knees to the ground and jiggling her body…I wondered if Micheal Jackson took her over.

Having said all, without bias, Tessanne is clearly the best vocalist in the competition. This could even be seen in the group performance. Tessanne was the one to hit all the high notes (the clean, right notes). Tessanne has done, R&B, Rock, Reggae, Gospel…could we want more? So many celebrities are tweeting about Tessanne being the one for the win. Thank God Tessanne chose Adam for a coach…yes Lord! You lead and direct. So, without bias, having watched her performances, what do you think? Isn’t she the most consistent contestant by far?

See Tessanne’s final performance on NBC’s The Voice and remember to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE:


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