African Fashion….Hot or Not?

African Fashion....Hot or Not?

Colours, curves, style…words that rightly describe African Fashion. I must admit, Africans are innovators of style and fashion. I have had hands on experience of Jamaicans watching African movies. First they are all good relaxed then boom! an African lady walks out in a design. Jamaicans then be like: “Blouse! Yuh see dah style deh? Pause it! Ah wonder if mi dressmaker can make one like that?” Yeah that’s a common expression.

Really, African ladies always look good in their designer clothing. Is what dem put in the fabric mek it just “stay so”. And darlings, it doesn’t matter how many colours are in the fabric, they know exactly how to accessorize…mi grudge dem yuh see?

Its a pity African material is so expensive in Jamaica…smh. I for one think that if African material and food were to be giving away to some Jamaicans, dem woulda go pon fasting and tek di material…ah naa lie. Big belly or slim belly, fat leg or small leg, African material gifted fi hide any flaw.


These are some of the African fashions Kajue just had to upload and after looking. Do you think African Fashion is Hot or Not?:

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