Jamaica Island A Boom

IAAF Sports Man and Woman of the Year: Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce

IAAF Sports Man and Woman of the Year: Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce

Well my readers, whenever the world “used” to hear of Jamaica, it was basically through a gun movie in a ghetto where guns and drugs and explicit language was being echoed. Or, folks would come and do video shoots of ghettos in Jamaica, the war ridden island that is poverty ridden and contaminated with crime. Thank God planes and ships existed so the world would know that Jamaica is far more than that. Yes, we do have our negatives (as do other countries) but our Island has beautiful beaches, great mountainsides, great wetlands, tasty recipes, a former Miss World, talented people, the IAAF Sports man and woman of the year amongst others….so stuff that nay sayers. Last night I watched with maximum pride as Tessanne ripped The Voice apart…oh my God, mi head, toe, all mi eye swell…mi waan cry, mi waan scream, but most of all, mi waan jump inna di TV and give Tessanne a real Jamaican big up for her performance. Then, to make matters better, who dat in the crowd supporting Tessanne? Yes mi dears, Usain “Lightening” Bolt himself, the man who every nation on earth want to touch, the man whe mek bride and groom run whe lef dem wedding f i go meet, the fastest man in the world (I say it without water in my mouth).

Tessanne Chin

Tessanne Chin

Mi seh Tessane just caressed Universal Studios with Gladys Knight’s “If I were your Woman” and I watched as the lyrics pulled and released Adam. Then what a bang! Chinta goodaz tek ova Tessanne and like Digicel, the performance ended with a boom chikka ching ching! Woii, fi mi Island a boom. Well, if anybody asks, to be in the line of these great Jamaican, yuh caan learn it, yuh caan study it, yuh haffi born inna it. Dem a go tiad fi si wi face…wi ago tek it to dem….chat bout!

Watch Tessanne Chin’s Top 10 Performance:


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