Tess-Awesomeness (Tessanne Chin) is What’s Happening on “The Voice”

tessanneOkay friends, talk the truth which is loved by God Almighty…Tessanne bad, nuh true? Mi seh this girl is not on fire, she’s more like on a volcano. No man, did you all see that battle round between Tessanne and Ashley…oh God…I felt it for poor little tinker weenie, baby girl Ashley. Even with all the little tinker bodiness and pixie dust, she couldn’t stand a chance battling with Tessanne.  But truth is, if Tessanne handled madam big voice, how on earth could Ashley outdo her? What a murderation?

Jeezam piece, what a girl can sing! I won’t lie, Tessanne has taken NBC’s “The Voice” over the mountains and across the waters  because every region, continent, country must be glued to their television sets, perhaps wondering, “Where did they find this Jamaican, Chinese, rock-star girl? Good for you NBC, good for you. All mi folks in Canada a talk how dem a go vote fi Tessanne. First Tess “Try” then she got “Stronger” and now she cross “Many Rivers”…mercy me! Don’t worry NBC, after Tess win the competition, we have a ton load of Jamaicans back yard fi come spice up di ting

So, Tessanne has broken the frontier in competing in “The Voice” so, my idea is, American Idol should be changed to “The Idol”, Dancing with the Stars, and all other talent shows that aint saying a thing…need to…well they just need the ingredient called Jamaicans….done talk! Anyways NBC’s programme really exposes really amazing talents and the coaches are really excellent. Kudos to you Adam, Christina, Ceelo and Sir. Blake.

Let’s hear Tessanne’s live performance which led her to leading the vote tables by 91% and what one Jamaican thinks of why Tess won the knockout round. Team Tessanne big and strong…And now, by the power invested in me, I now pronounce that Tessanne is no more Tessanne but Madam Tess-Awesomeness! Proud bread and butta Jamaican


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