Tessanne Goes Forward on The Voice

Tessanne Goes Forward on The Voice

“Next to Me, ooh ooh ooh”. Boy, I can’t stop singing that little part of Emeli Sandés “Next to Me” which was sung by Jamaican contender Tessanne Chin and American Donna Allen on the Voice yesterday.

I must say that Donna, being a backup singer for Gloria Estefan for so many years, really has a big “Tina Turnerish” voice but when it comes to smooth direct and transitional singing, Tessanne is the mastermind. Donna’s voice really pulled out the best from Tessanne but the Jamaican “bread and butter” girl really rode the waves which won her a place on Adam Levine’s team.

They say the humblest calf sucks the most milk and in this case, Tessanne stood as the humble calf. I must admit that Donna’s Tina Turner style got me thinking “Can she tone down a bit?” then bam, republic frontman Ryan Tedder said it. The everlasting screaming in Donna’s voice really did have me a way…trust I

Having said all that, I really think “The Voice” produces a great great line-up of singers. I really liked Caroline and Anthony’s battle as well…where Anthony get them eyes man?…wow!

See Kajue’s favourite battle videos:





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