Where Do Africans Get Em’ Skin and Beautiful Teeth

Where Do Africans Get Em' Skin and Beautiful Teeth

Well I am a Nollywood maniac and so far, I clearly have packed up Hollywood for a while (not enough drama… :D), meaning that I haven’t watched a Hollywood movie in days. So far, most Jamaicans can safely say that the market for Nollywood films “well tall” in the country…most Jamaican people have even adopted the o’s and the “ah beg’s”. Africans are really doing good for themselves.

One striking thing in these movies which my mom herself couldn’t help  pointing out, is the flawlessness of the skins. Also, the nicely rowed teeth and curvy shape contribute to the beautiful skin they carry. What I really want to know is “What really is the contributing factor for the teeth, small waist line and flawless skin”? Is it a climate thing? Is it makeup? Is it some herb?

Truth be told, even if all Africans (the ones I see in movies) are not as beautiful, their teeth and skin clearly make up for other missing assets. Africa, answer the call of a concerned Jamaican…let us in on the secret…ah beg o.


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