Tesanne Chin Rocks “The Voice”

TessanneYaaardie power all the way. She identifies singing as her “bread and butter” in Jamaica and here in Jamaica, Tessanne Chin is no stranger to our entertainment industry. Yuh see how the girl pull up “The Voice”?…mercy Lord! Tessanne didn’t even have to sing for 3 minutes to win the attention of the judges…I’m in tears, I’m so proud of her.

Jamaica rooting for Tessanne all the way. Nooo sah, talk truth, Jamaican’s talented nuh true? Music, dance, fashion, business, technology, mechanics, welding…every living thing! Tessanne, your folks back in Jamaica are elated to see you rip that stage and we have no doubt that you will go further. People in tears, Yendi Phillips cried on national TV, grandmammas and grandpapaps, school children, track and field stars…the whole Jamaican diaspora, yard and abroad cheering and supporting you. In light of all this information, beg yuh mam… as we say in Jamaica…”tek it to dem”!….lol

See the Audition Below


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