Toni Braxton Butt Naked on Stage after Wardwrobe Malfunction

toni-braxton-wardrobe-malfunction-photos-3Kiss Mi neck!…Noo sah. What was Toni Braxton thinking or should I ask who the hell designed Toni Braxton’s performance costume she wore to a recent concert in New Jersey. Mi seh mi nearly dead when mi see not piece, not half but the lady’s entire bottom when her dress fell apart on stage..noo sah…this couldn’t be real!

Some fans are saying she just did it for the publicity. Maybe it is, because the moment her butt was manifested to the crowd…dem put down one piece a cheering and laughing…heaven help us! But seriously though, Braxie, I don’t know what the mindset is like in America, but duh missis, it would be better for you to expose a piece of your leg than the whole Braxton continent.

However, on the other hand, some people were just plain upset to see this woman dancing, spinning and shaking with her naked butt just all out there in their faces. Buoy, I’ve seen breasts fall out, singers fall to the ground, but this bottom thing is new…So whe yuh seh Toni, yuh setting a new trend?  Is the Spanish guitar design yuh wearing? Careful enuh, Nanny story nuh dead yet.


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