Anti-Doping Findings Hitting the Last Nerve!

Anti-Doping Findings Hitting the Last Nerve!

Well people, I naa lie, the IAAF World Championships was good for me but, honestly, it could have been better, sweeter, more competitive and more entertaining had many of the big names apart from Usain and Shelle-Ann been there to compete. This all was made possible by WADA‘s “brilliant” findings of banned substance in athletes.

Honestly? No seriously? I know this may all be great news items for many media houses and bloggers to decorate their airwaves and sites that athletes such as Asafa Powell, Sherone Simpson, Veronica Campbell-Brown and whoever else would not be able to compete in the world championships but for me, it is a bag of crap. I had to laugh when I was listening to commentators speak on what banned substances may be. It could be a cup of coffee that put caffeine in the blood, a pain rub, likkle cold medicine fi heavens sake!

WADA, I understand you want to prove to the world that you all are “working hard” and making “progress” in what you do best but I would be more impressed if this “great” body of people you employ could suggest or at least research and provide solutions to the problem. Noo sah, yuh telling me, I could be banned from athletics for two years for drinking a cup of coffee or rubbing a little cream on a pimple…come on WADA.

I would have celebrated more if you (a) provided a list of substances that are considered as “banned” and (b) tell what the substance is after testing is through. It all nice and dandy to put up names but get real, how many athletes are out there with even a first degree in medicine fi know what and what not to take…kmt.

Well WADA have said my part and I would suggest you take the foolishness of the “little man” and conform the advise of the “big” wise men you have on your team…Amen, so let it be.


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