Reggae Rips BET Stage…No Mercy!

Beenie and Elephant Man at the BET Awards 2013

Beenie and Elephant Man at the BET Awards 2013

Well Jamaicans set the trend wherever they go. Reggae rule the world they say, and at the BET Awards 2013, Reggae really made a statement. I mean, reggae is an international language accepted by everyone, even the Chinese man mumble when reggae is being played. Yuh could be as stiff as a board, reggae music will grease yuh body and send yuh rocking.

The BET stage was electrified when Jamaican artists combined to pull off what we would call an unforgettable performance. Mi seh everybody was dipping, rocking, pumping, showing gun finger, the place transformed to true dance hall Jamaican style.

I was so very proud that Jamaica was represented at the BET Awards for the first time, yes mi dears, Dawn Penn (You Don’t Love Me), Chaka Demus & Pliers (Murder She Wrote), Beenie Man (Sim, Simma, Welcome the Girls Dem Suga & Rum and Red Bull), Elephant Man (Pon Di Riva) created havock on the place. No sah, unuh see Gabriella Union and Nikki Minaj? Gungo Soup! It come like a dem it sweet most.

Well today is international Reggae Day and I salute Jamaica, “wi likkle but wi tallawah”. For such a small island, we really make history wherever we go and the same goes for our Reggae Music. So when mi check it out Lord nuh whe nuh better than yard…a me seh so.


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