Concrete puts the Light Out on the Wray and Nephew Contender Finals

Tsetsi Davis and Devon MoncriffeWell last night, June 27, 2013, marked the finals of the Wray and Nephew Contender series with two final match-ups, one for the first and second place winners and the other battle for third and fourth place . What an experience it was for us the viewers at home  and scores of patrons at the National Indoor Sports Center.

The showdown between Tsetsi “Lights Out” Davis and Devon “Concrete” Moncriffe was nothing short of spectacular. The rounds went to ten and in the end Moncriffe arose as the winner. Naa lie though, Tsetsi give Moncriffe some dutty lick enuh but poor Tsetsi couldn’t knock out the real concrete, di man tuff like when cement hard up…dwl.

Laughing pop when the Ring Announcer was about to announce the winner and Tsetsi, like Froggie Holmes, start bounce round and smile in confidence that he was the winner. Then, like a slap across the face,  Oliver Hardy proclaimed Devon the winner…nooo sah, help me Lord.

The match between Ramel “Sub-Zero” Lewis and Richard “Rock-steady” Rettie? I wouldn’t even comment on how badly Rettie did Sub-Zero, he cut him off in true Mortal Combat style… “Sub-Zero loses”.

Tsetsi vex so till him didn’t even collect the $500,000 dollars. I wish I was there to collect it for him…trust I. Anyways Moncriffe proved to be the real Carib cement concrete because at the end of the match, the man face cool like he just stepped out of the bank. Tsetsi on the other hand, had bruises over his eye and on his mouth…poor ting. Him mussi a kill bawlin pon him mother lap yah now.

Wray and Nephew, big ups to the production, thanks for choosing “Iron Dog” the unforgettable performer. However, please advise the competitors that the final decision rests with the panel of judges so it nuh mek sense fi vex and gwaan even if you know you did the best….duh, I beg o. Then on the other hand Wray and Nephew, unuh sure a Moncriffe win? I’m just asking.


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