What Does Your Doodle Image Say About You

  doodWell while watching the television this morning, I stumbled on some very interesting facts which I think is a “must share”…What Does Your Doodle Image Say About You?

We all as humans tend to doodle while our minds stray from main happenings, “we are bored or stressed” (Ruth Rostron, professional handwriting analyst and vice-chair of the British Institute of Graphologists).

We all doodle, teachers, business personnel, even Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson Miller was found doodling at one point. At this point, we are in a half-conscious state, half conscious of what we do allowing our true inner personality to be scribbled on whatever we draw on.

Let’s explore doodle images and what they say about our personality:

  • Drawings with rounded shapes and curved lines – Emotional people who want harmony and affection
  • Drawings with straight lines and squares  – People who are down to earth and practical
  • Corners, zigzags and triangles – Determined
  • Light sketchy strokes – Hesitant


Nicely drawn, attractive face indicates a person who searches for the good in others. Weird, ugly faces represent a mistrustful personality. Comic faces signals a desire to be the center of attraction while childish sketches of faces express a level of neediness. Profile faces represents you as an introvert.

Chess Board

Black and White chessboards indicates patience and persistence. People who are proned to mood swings usually have this kind of doodle.


Flowers with soft, rounded petals around a circular center suggest friendly, family centered person. Pointy petals, on the other hand suggests that a warm heart is being hidden behind a prickly defensiveness. Drooping flower heads speak to burden and worry.


Flighty, romantic, fluttering butterflies, birds and bees suggest a free spirited individual who doesn’t like to be tied down or assigned with challenging tasks or problems. In some instances, cats can indicate unresolved envy or jealousy. Depending upon circumstances, cats can also indicate a spiritual awakening.


Hearts represent that love is in the air or a romantic personality.

Intricate Patterns

Patterns that are busy and overly detailed are usually sketched by obsessively natured people who are attached to their ambitions or loved ones. This drawing is usually famous with extreme introverts.



Doodles of stairs and ladders symbolize ambition and willingness to work methodically “progressively up a ladder” in life. These drawings also suggest that there is an important, long-term task in view. Stairs and ladders also represent spiritual quest or a desire to be happier or more relaxed.


People who draw arrows are determined with a particular goal in view, in the drawing, they subconsciously “aim” at their target. Sharp and angular arrows suggest the target is important, it may be a job to pursue after or a person to be confronted. If the angle is more free and decorated, the target may be an affair of the heart or a  passionate desire.



House doodles symbolize the need for security. A neatly drawn house suggest a secure home life. A messy-looking sketch indicates unhappiness with home life.


Doodling any kind of transportation indicates the wish to escape from a particular situation.

Spider’s Web

Spider web drawings speaks to a feeling of being trapped or the desire to entice someone into a particular relationship or situation.

Names or Initials

People who enjoy being the center of attention often doodle their names or initials. This is also common in teenagers who have a desire to break away from their families and do their own thing.   Doodling someone else’s name indicates that they are in the thought maybe romantically or because they represent a problem that needs resolution.


Stars are drawn by ambitious people. Optimism, however is represented by a number of little stars. Big, bold, embellished stars suggest that a definite goal is in sight.

Squares or Boxes

doodles 2Square doodles suggest that a particular situation in under control or that a problem is being thought through. Cubes or boxes symbolize that a person is efficient  and analytical and can resolve difficult situations with little fuss.


Soft, flowy, curvy lines indicates a romantic female approaching to things. Zigzags are commonly drawn by energetic thinking people with a desire to get things done.

Stick Figure

Professional people usually doodle stick figures. It symbolizes someone who is in control of their emotions and incredibly focused on their goals in life.

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