Mission Catwalk Down To The Wire

Mission Catwalk Down To The Wire

It is a journey worth remembering. Reality TV Series, Mission Catwalk Season 3 was an absolute success.

Mission Catwalk is an exciting reality TV series aimed at discovering and developing talented fashion designers. The show features designers in fierce competition for top prizes that will help to launch their fashion career. Mission Catwalk tests and nurtures the talents of the contestants through numerous challenges and exercises geared at identifying and honing a range of creative skills and abilities. The series is set in Kingston, Jamaica and each hour-long episode comprises of four segments: the challenge, the design production, the runway show, and the elimination of a designer. The series lasts eleven weeks and culminates with three designers at a live showdown in Kingston. One designer will win the ultimate prize– to show their collection at London Fashion Week among other prizes.

The competition’s 3rd season premiered with 15 designers from countries across the Caribbean region and in the end, only 3 designers, Theodore Elyett and David Rolle (Bahamas) and Renardo Lloyd (Jamaica)  are left to battle it out with their pieces on the runway. Favourited pieces showcased were designed by Shernicia Mayers, Theodore Elyett, David Rolle, Renardo Lloyd, Elizabeth Jerimie and Alexis Campbell with Theodre and Renardo sitting comfortably episode after episode in the fan favourite seat.

It was an ecstatic production, the quality was superb, one such factor which pulled one fan favourite, Theodore Elyett to enter the competition. Mission Catwalk has, over the years become a household name, everyone being able to repeat Keneea Linton-George’s line  “Who will complete this mission, who will rule the catwalk”.  The show also featured guest judges such as Yendi Phillips, Shaggy, Marlon Samuels among others.

Kajue’s favourite models (last models chosen) wore pieces designed by Theodore, David, Renardo, Alexis,  Shernicia, Sharleen and Elizabeth.  Bahamas seem to have come with a “no mercy” attitude and have rocked the runway times and times again…Bahamas got talent! Nevertheless, Renardo represented our island Jamaica well…world look out, the Caribbean rolling in like thunder.

Who will rule this Mission, who will rule the Catwalk? I don’t know, you tell me. Mission Catwalk is definitely stepping on the runway of International success.

David Rolle's collection in Mission Catwalk

David Rolle’s collection in Mission Catwalk

Renardo Lloyd

Renardo Lloyd’s collection on Mission Catwalk season 3

theodore sealy

Theodore Elyett’s collection at Mission Catwalk


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