Why Champs is one of the greatest shows on earth

Champs in Jamaica

News and Views by Dionne Jackson Miller

We’ve been going to, or watching, Jamaica’s National Boys and Girls Championships (or Champs) for years, so I think many of us take for granted the incredible vibes of this annual event. The world has now awakened to the fantastic show Jamaica puts on every year and international journalists can often be seen trackside.

Here are four reasons Champs is so great.

  • The intense competition– a Trini friend of mine once commented that she found it amazing how the entire country rallied behind high schools in the way we do here. Perhaps because we have not traditionally had that rivalry at the tertiary level, we concentrate all our energy on the high schools. Men in their fifties and sixties ride around with high school bumper stickers and wear their high school ties with pride.  Um, that sounded strange. Anyway, that’s the  rivalry that sets the stage for intense competition at Champs.

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