Hollywood, Nollywood or Bollywood Movies….Of Which Are You a Fan?

Hollywood, Nollywood or Bollywood Movies....Of Which Are You a Fan?

Well we all know that Hollywood was, at one time, the only source for our movies. However, ever since I can recall, Nollywood appeared and like “whala”, tons of Nigerian movies were being sold here, there and everywhere and nobody seemed to remember their own Jamaican language.

Out of the blues Bollywood appeared and stole a fraction of the now hooked viewers from Hollywood and Bollywood. In addition, with social networking platforms such as YouTube, marketing of Bollywood movies was made a huge success. In light of all the “woods” that now exits, what say you…to who do you remain loyal?

I clearly believe that the masses of Nigerian fans a truly Caribbean born fans. Maybe this has a lot to do with the rich heritage we share with the motherland Africa, hence, we can truly relate to many of the story-lines. However, in recent times, I have come to realize that many Jamaicans are slowly shifting away from Nollywood and are sticking strictly to Hollywood.

This causes me to wonder, is that why the Nollywood movies are so rapidly becoming so Americanized? Is that why so many of the story-lines can so often be predicted because they have the same plots like a Hollywood movie that was watched before? Are Nollywood writers lacking creativity?

I admit, many Hollywood movie suck! But may Lord, why do so many Nollywood movies have to have a part 1 and 2 or 1, 2, 3 and 4. Then it becomes worse when you are trying to watch one with the other half and by the time part one is done he is long gone asleep because we just watched a whole session of people eating in restaurants, riding bikes, buying clothes, turning cars or driving or walking on the beach.

Nollywood! Duh, I beg o’, if the character is turning the car, we the viewers have already established that, just move on to something else so the movie can have a good ending. You do have good plots, good starts, but just like a story, sometimes you make a mess of it. Hollywood gets to the point, they write the unthinkable, if a van overturned, they make it into a remarkable story which grips the viewer and makes them wonder if that was possible…Think I’m lying, see “Too Fast Too Furious 6”.

I know you may feel you have reached the pinnacle, yes many love your movies, yes your government pools a lot of investments into the movie business, but please remember it takes a lot to go up a hill and nothing to roll to the bottom. Consider your audiences, try to keep your fans, do some more, think outside of the box in production and acting skills.

If you can’t cry good tears…don’t take the role. You don’t have to scream a lot to be in labour. If you say you are dead, at least look dead…for real. The people can speak for themselves but I wonder, Jamaica produces so many great movies and have so many legends, we should probably consider having a Jollywood…haha.

Here are a few Nollywood Movies Jamaican are talking about but are you for Nollywood, Bollywood or Hollywood?

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2 comments on “Hollywood, Nollywood or Bollywood Movies….Of Which Are You a Fan?

  1. Nollywood movies are great! I love them..I also love Bollywood movies too…its funny how they have to create a dance scene at some point in the movie. And Hollywood…I guess people support them because they are loyal…but they dont know what they are missing!

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