Face Painting or Face Powdering

Face Painting or Face Powdering

Since this is one of my pet peeves, I decided to write about it so some women can take a grip on themselves. I am sure that not one, but many of you have spent hours trying to separate the assortment of colours on the faces of some of these women today…Mercy Lord!

God promised to put the sign of the rainbow in the sky, not on faces. Seriously ladies, tell me, what are some of you trying to achieve hmm? What, it shouldn’t be none of my beezwax? Come on, you give people a hard time going about their business…In short…”unuh hard fi look pon!” Now it intensifies when you have to see it in places where you go to do business. It’s like, “Good morning” but the other words can’t utter because at this point you are now looking into a maze which causes your eyeballs to roll or makes you twitch trying to look up.

Other things that makes me wonder are:

1. Why shave all the eyelash off then draw a whole semicircle over the eye with a pencil?

2. Why add all the colours on your clothes to your face?

3. Why use a pencil to put an overly-sized mold on the face when you weren’t even born with one?

4. Why bathe your cheeks with red blush when you have a very dark complexion?

5. When doing your makeup, are you always thinking of the rainbow?

6. Why do you draw a line around your lips with the jet black pencil, are you trying to separate two continents? I’m just saying!

Ladies, I understand that freedom of choice is given to everyone. But in the interest of our eyes and if you have an ounce of care for anyone else but yourselves, yuh can choose fi powder and not paint your faces?


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