Ramel ‘Sub-Zero’ Lewis Sends Kevin ‘Bus Boy’ Hylton on a Trip to Elimination

Sub-Zero Sends Bus Boy on a Trip to Elimination

Well last night’s Wray and Nephew Contender match up between Kevin “Bus boy” Hylton and Ramel “Sub Zero” Lewis wasn’t much of a watch. I kept waiting for a fight and Sub Zero kept throwing jabs at Hylton but all through the match, Bus boy kept folding up like some art project. Mi just kiss mi teeth enuh cause I wondered if Bus Boy really knew what a good fight was. Hylton just stick up pon the ropes like some crazy glue. The reporter said he was throwing Hail Mary‘s which cracked me up…looking at him, the reporter couldn’t have used a better description.

Then hear this nuh people. After the match was finished and he was officially declared as the looser, he began to blame his loss on his mother’s death, burial…it’s a good thing she wouldn’t rise again, because he would blame it on her resurrection as well. Di man seh if it wasn’t for his mother’s death and burial, him would surely beat Sub-Zero, dis man yah get head injury? It is clear that he doesn’t have the technicality as a fighter as Sub-Zero so “madda o no madda”, him nuh worth pence.

He calls himself the new Bus Boy but from my point of view, him only “new” fi work pon a bus whe run from town to country. Sub-Zero, big ups to you mi bredda, Hylton knows your skills, that’s why he danced so much around the ring like a ballerina….Foska Oats… give Bus Boy something fi strengthen him…duh!!! Next time he may come back as a Pilot.

The next match up will be between Devon ‘Concrete’ Moncrieffe and Richard ‘Froggie” Holmes…I have to watch that match…who do you think will win?

The Wray and Nephew Contender series is boiling down and people…the star for me, whether him win or not is Miguel “Iron DogRaye. His boxing fell very, very, very short, matter of fact, he cannot even box but where his boxing fell short, his dramatic expressions and fanatics made him a must watch.


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