Movin’ On Up!

ket & Safiyya

Ladies and Gentlemen, the puss got out of the bag. Keturah Hamilton and Jim Iyke are no more, yes my dears she kicked him to the curb. I don’t know what Jim was thinking when he featured Keturah in the first episode of his reality TV show (Jim Iyke Unscripted), but I sure know that this act definitely pushed Keturah’s career further into “stardomness” like Ray J and Kim Kardashian dwl. Noo sah, di man a try kill a flame and end up get burn – “If yuh play with fire, yuh mus get burn”…And brother, this girl is on fire!!!

Well Keturah is on to bigger things. She will be in a, soon to be released, reality TV show called “Diamonds in the Rough”. Keturah will also be launching her charity foundation “Keturah Hamilton Foundation” (KHF) in August 2013 in Jamaica. Keturah (KHF), in partnership with Safiyya M. Sarkin, Executive Director and Founder of “Women Beyond Survival” (a non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization) will be giving back to three needy schools in Jamaica. It is also the aim of both organizations to build a community center to shelter and care for 30 orphans, providing them with emotional, nutritional, physical and social needs. They will also be building a library at the most needy school.
People tend to always look down on Jamaican and focus so much and label us as violent, but Keturah is another Jamaican whose life testifies that we do have loving, caring Jamaicans.

So Jim, hush, too bad your moment of fame cut short. Its one thing to mess with and hurt other women but when it comes on to a Jamaican…yuh haffi write good manuscript, yuh haffi come with yuh “A-Z” game, yuh haffi strong like the rock of Gibraltar and swift like Usain Bolt…noo Jim yuh nuh ready fi a Jamaican woman yet, yuh haffi born yah fi know bout yah hahahaha…noo I’m weakened.


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