Disgusting Things People Do in Public

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Disgusting Things People Do in Public

We all have to travel and interact with others on a daily basis. To be honest, some people we interact and travel with can really “wash their dirty linen in public”. Some of them don’t have a tups of “brawtupsie” according to my grandmother. So, I have decided to list some awful and unsightly things people do in public. These are some of my own observation, your list might be longer. And the nominees are:
1. The Nose Pickers – ugh
2. The Public Flossers
3. Those who wash their mouths with their juice or water after eating then swallow it.
4. Those with sweaty, funky, hairy armpits who love to stretch out their armpits in a taxi or bus over your clothes . Then you have those who have the hairy, sweaty, funky armpits who love to wear marinas then all the sweat is touching your own clothes…yuck!
5. The Belchers…they open their cave and let out their category 5 hurricane in your space.
6. The Easers…Oh My God! These are the worst yet. They are the automatic stink pots…squirrels can’t match them. They let it out anywhere, anytime and most times they lean to one side while doing it. Puppa Lord!

7. Smokers – Those who feel they must fumigate the entire world. Are they walking mosquito repellents?

8. The Boombastics – Who? I mean di big head, tuff head one dem whe love play music fi everybody! Cho man.

9. The Index Finger Mouth Cleaners – Yeah the same ones who use their index finger to clean out the corners of their mouth at a table…dem same one!

10. The Public Undies Fixers – The ones who clinch their thumb and index finger like  tweezers and  dig the well hitched undies from their bottoms.

11. The Collar Wipers – What? Of course, I said it, The people who don’t necessarily need a napkin, hand towel or a rag, they let their collars do the work! They literally scrub their mouths with their collars right before your eyes. Have mercy Lord!

12. The Spitters – Done Talk…You know who I mean.

13. The Setter Models – The women who find it pleasing to come on the street in their house-dresses and the coordinated, colour coded assortment of setters in their hair.

14. The Gum Poppers.

15. The Moneymusk Dunders who love to have looong intimate conversations. 

15. Those who find pleasure in Cursing anywhere…Obscene language is their first language.

16. Those who need a MUTE Button while talking on their Phones – No Sah, the very thought upset me. Is it that they need a hearing aid or dem just plain Dumb…I’m just saying

So you see what we go through on a daily basis? You know more than I do how much of these storms you have weathered so far. Maybe someone close to you may be guilty of one or more of these crimes… And yuh just tired…If you need it addressed and you are afraid…send them to this blog? Hahahaha…What a mix-up!


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