Low Blow Jim…Low Blow

jim n kateWell they said that men are dogs but this one is a complete hyena. Jim Iyke really disappointed me today when he posted a footage of his new reality show “Jim Iyke: Unscripted – Episode one recap”. In this episode he and his Jamaican fiance Keturah Hamilton were in a heated argument at the GIAMA because Keturah felt he had been ignoring her throughout the event and was flirting with other women.

Now I know that men can be selfish and callous but Jim score 100% without no corrections in the “Dutty Boy” category…just saying it Jamaican. He apparently posted this scene from his reality TV show as his first episode…Jesus have mercy! Now he may think he is a player by doing this and people might say “oh a man, yuh must expect that” but I am a woman and can never feel good to see men stoop this low! I put myself in the other woman’s shoes and surely all of us must feel it because some Nigerians have always expressed their dislike for their relationship and have not minced words to speak out on their dislike for Jamaicans.

Ah feel the video down to mi toe point, I am as upset as every other woman who have been, in some way, abused by men. Jim seemed to have just dated Keturah for a hype but God shall surely issue him his portion. Jim you were my favourite actor as a Nigerian but now pappa yuh strike off mi list…yuh too dirty. And, when you are rocking back in your comfort chair, enjoying your ratings and getting big ups from your Nigerian fans, remember….you have sisters, a mother, aunts, nieces maybe, grandmothers and someday you might have a daughter.

Wha nuh ketch quaco will catch him shut. What evil you do to others will surely come around to give you a sting in the behind…Remember that!!!


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