Magnum Kings Not in the War Thing!

Magnum Kings Not in the War Thing!

Okay Jamaicans, I know how emotional we can be at times but no man, why do we have to fight, quarrel and even kill ourselves over people who are flesh and blood just as we are. Everybody complaining, school children, working class people, one teeth old women and men, that Magnum priests Jonah and Payne gallang wid pure foolishness on clash off night. According to them, the men clashed like princesses and the princesses (Sassy Silva and Sharline Skyler) clashed like princes.

Watching Smile Jamaica this morning, I was struck with the comments they (the princes) made about the actions of their fans and then I felt like transforming in Lady Allen, ah feel like getting two wings and fly out of Jamaica…why we so dumb at times? According to them, people took the competition so serious that it was slowly turning into a war zone between the supporters of these two young men. The people turned the support into North and South Korea…Almighty Father stop here a while…no man!

Due to the awareness of this fact, the two princes decided that they wouldn’t clash with each other and preferred to come out and entertain singing songs that brought unity and not war. According to them, they had entered the competition before as a duo and finally met and mutually agreed to enter as solos. They publicly declared their support for each other and each hoped the other would win.

Jamaica! Jamaica! Why should we go all out to even harm each other for a simple man and yet some of us have never lifted our hands to the real big man, God almighty, and thank him for the breath he gave us so we could have strength to argue over a feeble man. Jonah stated that people even got hurt on his bus while they were going home after the clash.

I wonder, why waste time killing for earthly kings while the heavenly King is there to be worshiped. Help us Lord!

By Kaj' Esense Posted in Music

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