Laced Wigs

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Laced Wigs

Even though I don’t wear laced wigs and don’t know much about it, I surely know it is not worn the way many women do. I think the reason the wig is called “laced” is because of its ability to sit on the head without revealing hairline and should be able to produce a long professionally looking hairdo. Many women who wear laced wigs truly need a hairstylist detective.

No one would be able to detect that many of these celebrity women have laced wigs in their hair and we try all sorts of things in order to make the “stubban” hair grow. We soak with aloe vera, we use eggs, we leave the extension in for days, we cut, we treat and in the end we blame our mothers for choosing a “tuff” head man for our fathers. But the reality is that many of them do not have long hair…the trick…laced wigs. So its seems like the equation is as follows: Bad hair + glue + laced wigs = fabulous!

However, I know many manufacturers of laced wigs have shed some tears to see their products on the heads of many women today. Please ladies, if you plan to do it, at least make it look real. Save our eyesights from the pimento seed thing going on at your hairlines…if not…I don’t see a problem in you having it kinky and natural.
Hairstylists, this is a 911 dial…come rescue some fainting, struggling laced wig hairstyles in our society…Ah beg o. And ladies, if you have a problem with putting a wig on it…just leave it kinky…I did!


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