‘Ass”emble Yourselves!

The other dcoin_slotWay my husband and I were on our way to work and there is this guy who, being a friend of ours indicated that he needed a ride to a certain point. He was dressed in a knee-high pants and a shirt. While taking a seat in the back, I was completely blown away, mi nearly dead! I was like seriously? It was so disgusting, I felt like throwing up! He was actually sitting on his undies (they weren’t even worthy of showing) and his pants was like almost at his knees…My GOD! For days, I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind that this ‘fashion disaster’, ‘dead end’, ‘woman chaser’ actually sat in my car seat with his bare bottom.

Be real people, I couldn’t think of something more disgusting as this. Whether it is a male that actually have low riding pants or women…it just spells plain DISGUSTING…YUCK! Women, I get the breast showing and hip exposing but nobody should be punished with the sight of ass begging for help. Be decent for even a moment in your life. If you know the pants or skirt is not your size, I have a simple fashion tip for you…Nuh buy it! If you have a problem fitting the waist of the pants/skirt (:) get a belt or if you don’t have a belt, a piece of rope can do.

Talk truth! Some women don’t even have the but to show off, full of ‘flabs’ and decorated with waves, thinking they look cute. Whats worse is the fact that they keep pulling these pants up after exiting a car or getting from a seat their asses have already been cleaned on. Men this is also a wake up call for you. Why do you bother to wear a belt in a pants you are going to wear at your hip? Oh sorry, maybe you are belly dancers.  Do you seriously assume that you look dapper in this type of dressing? Anyways, I can’t blame you if you do, its the crazy ladies who admire you, I blame them. But take a tip from me, those who are admiring you are those who missed many appointments with the Shrink and the Ophthalmologist. And please, please spare us the washed out, scrawny, cartoon characterized, ancient boxers you wear and your hairy, sweaty, disgusting behind.A Dat Mi Seh Straight!!!wom lowmen low


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