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Well maybe I am as dumb as a doorbell but it never occurred to me that celebrities could look anything other than picture perfect. Okay so I understand the mascara, false lashes and the lip colour but I cannot get the part where makeup artists give these people good rosy cheeks and flawless skin.
My God! The revelation was totally hard for me to swallow. I can’t believe that Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj, Halle Berry don’t actually look like what they look like on pictures and on screen…I’m so disappointed. But still enuh, only in Disney cartoons we find people who actually look that picture perfect all the time.
I think makeup artists are very talented though. I mean, even if your ugliness knows no bounds, they know how to make you look good. Your face could be as challenging as ever, your skin could have blemishes beyond measure, you could have pimples enough for your entire family, don’t worry, they know the trick.
If you think I am lying just check Julia Roberts before the makeup, no check Goldie Hawn or better yet, take a good look at Tori Spelling…Mi done talk!
So big up to di makeup artists across the world, you make people look fabulous. And from henceforth your new names are TRANSFORMERS…haha But Muss!


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