Why Everybody So Madd!!!

Why Everybody So Madd!!!

I recently understood that the shorts suit (designed by David Bowler) Jim Iyke wore at the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCAs) 2013 created a major upset. But what I want to know is, why everybody so mad?
Why do we have to stick to the status quo? Was there a way to dress to the awards? Pardon me for not knowing what it was. I don’t see anyone complaining about Lady Gaga’s or Nikki Minaj’s dressing even though it is so “wack” and weird. My take is, if everyone dressed the same way, and if all designers designed the same suits…”fashion” would have to be removed from the dictionary.
I know that now, many people and even celebrities will know that hey, shorts are not only good for beach and leisure occasions, they also rock on the red carpet.
I think Jim is a force all by himself, he does his thing! And I believe that in order for us to have a fun filled, fully lived life…we should take a page out of his book or maybe take the whole book! We should stop allowing people to define what we should wear, what we should be like, who we should marry, what our homes should be like, in short who we should be.
Ignorance should be forgiven but ignorance as an attribute cannot not be tolerated. Everybody need fi get real and get a knowledge of the world of fashion. Seriously? How many times do the same critics go out looking like Christmas in July.
I think he rocked this suit and most of all, he stayed true to himself and as far as I see, he’ll continue to do just that. So anybody who have a problem can go book an appointment with a Shrink. Di man rock di suit man! So what I really want to know is: “Why everybody so maddd!!!


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