“Butt” of Course!

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Growing up, I’ve always gotten expressions from people as to imply that my “butt” or bottom was too big or was just big. This sentiment made me feel insecure about my personal appearance and rather shy. Oh I wished (while growing up) that I could do some kind of surgery to remove some amount of my butt.

One day, I got a wake up call. I realized that this same ‘ass’et I was trying to remove from my body was the same instrument celebrity women used to create their sex appeal…these women are usually big icons in society. I later noticed that, in order to have this appeal, many were undergoing surgery to increase the volume and fullness of their bottom.
This revelation gave birth to confidence. I started to give God thanks for how he made me and started admiring myself in the mirror, plus my husband reminds me of how sexy I am everyday, being careful to mention my God given “ass”et.

So while many are adding to get, i’m glad I was born with it. Besides, I think I love it most because it aids in pronouncing the curves I was blessed with.

Ladies love yourselves for who you are, take the celebrities for an example, how they state the “butt” factor in their clothing, tailoring every detail to let the world know “I’m proud of the “ass”et and these people are who make evening dresses rock.

So having said all that, should women love their big butts?…”Butt” of Course.


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