Jim Iyke: Actor, Businessman, Philantrophist

Jim Iyke: Actor, Businessman, Philantrophist jim n kate

One of my colleagues recently asked me why Jim Iyke was not yet on my Blog as we usually sit and discuss his movies. My response was that I was lost for words to describe this multi-talented African Star or couldn’t quite sum up what I could possible say of him.
James Ikechukwu (Jim Iyke) is commonly known as “the sweet bad boy” in Nigerian movies, one of my favourites being “Show me Heaven” with Kate Henshaw-Nuttal. Talking with this “chick magnet” I have come to realize that he is a true communicator, a sweet person and a motivation. I am also proud to know that he is engaged to a strong Jamaican woman, Keturah Hamilton (Super model and CEO of Sensual Turah). We grasp him here in Jamaica and we are glad that he has an interest in connecting with us as a nation.
Here’s to Jim Iyke, beyond surface, a true motivation, a real businessman, a warm individual and the person that can slap anger out of you in seconds. Proud to have communicated with him and proud to know he really connects with his Jamaican fans. Do you have a Jim Iyke movie in your house? I know you do.
Jim Iyke, CEO of Untamed Closet, Real “A” Class Actor…Jim Iyke to di Wurl…Usain Bolt Style. Done talk!!!


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